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2010-03-17 11:39:30 by Dremoraman1

I submitted a song a bit ago... But once I uploaded it, I've never heard about it, never gotten any news on what's happened to it, I can't even find it! Ware da heol diad iat gao???


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2010-03-17 11:51:18

it has to go threw a very long approval process first.


2010-03-17 12:10:38

I suggest checking your email. You'll get an email every time you upload a new song. However, like Kinsei01 said, your first song has to be approved by a moderator before it shows up. I'm pretty sure you'll get an email if it doesn't get approved.

Actually, the approval process can also be very short. It took 15 minutes for me. :O But sometimes it takes weeks.